Big news!
The Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Robert Abela, held a virtual meeting with Royce Tech CEO Richard Hogg
Apr 6, 2021
Royce Tech talks to Dr Robert Abela, Prime Minister of Malta on a Virtual call

The meeting comes in the wake of Malta’s effective vaccine strategy that has included the use of community health centres to dispense doses as quickly as they arrive, with 50 per cent of its population already vaccinated. The country is expected to join the UK’s green list soon, allowing Britons to travel there without restrictions.

Richard Hogg, creator of Royce Tech, said: “We were so excited open our first office in Malta and to start actively recruiting. We are about to start applying for work permits for some key workers that we will relocate from Asia, predominately Taiwan and China. Royce Tech has been fortunate to have contacts in Asia who recognise this opportunity, so we have secured a number of clients already.

“Malta was a natural choice. The close-knit society, availability of a good talent pool as well as potential clients and partners, not to mention solid technical infrastructure, office space and international flights and its beneficial tax regime were all considered. As well as that, it is not an issue for Malta to bring in talent from overseas. I cannot wait to see the benefits of merging these two cultures.”