Official inauguration of the Malta HQ
Dec 13, 2021

On the 30th of November, Royce Technology was geared up for a special event: the official inauguration of the Malta HQ situated at the iconic Piazzetta Business Plaza, facing picturesque Sliema sea views..

''The night came after weeks of hard work and preparation''said Royce Tech's Administration Manager, Alison Amato Lowell. Richard Hogg, the Founding Director and CEO of international software development company Royce Technology officially inaugurated the opening of the new HQ in Malta. Honoured by the presence of the Head of Secretariat Mr Glenn Micallef, esteemed contacts, suppliers and staff.

Ms Amato Lowell proclaimed: "What a successful evening", and thanked her "wonderful team" for their hard work.

Royce Technology is a multi-cultural company, offering a fun working environment, 5-star employee benefits, training and development.

“Malta has been instrumental in assisting our company to relocate staff from Asia and recruit new and important employees”, commented the CEO at the time.